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Practice Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

As an ever-growing number of commercial disputes are settled through the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR"), including Arbitration, Mediation, Direct Negotiation, we drafts arbitration as well as dispute resolution agreements and represents clients in all ADR proceedings.

Banking & Insurance

In keeping up with the steady growth and development of the banking and insurance industry in Jordan, we are continuously expanding our banking and insurance law practice. Today, the firm's lawyers have expertise in specific areas of banking and insurance law such as international banking law as well as all kinds of insurance law.
Related to commercial banking, we provide assistance to our clients on all their day-to-day legal issues as well as sophisticated lending structures and other financial transactions. Typical transactions are loan agreements, collateral contracts and debt management.

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Marwan Al-Hussein & Sons Law Office is one of the few law firms in JORDAN able to offer legal advice as well as litigation and arbitration work under the same roof. All lawyers of the firm are entitled to appear before all courts of Jordan and are able to handle all kind of litigation matters, in particular in all areas of civil and commercial litigation.
The work of the firm's advocates begins at a very early stage of an emerging dispute. If litigation is imminent, the client receives advice on the particularities of litigation in Jordan, the likely outcome of a lawsuit, the options for a settlement or some other out-of-court resolution of the dispute, and recommendations on the proper steps to be taken in anticipation of full-scale litigation.

Construction & Real Estate

We are also profound experience in all legal aspects related to construction and real estate development. The firm provides the full range of legal services required to structure and to negotiate agreements with developers, architects, project managers, contractors, tenants and other users as well as the assistance on construction permits.

Corporate & Corporate Finance

Commercial Agency and Distribution Franchising; The rules and regulations governing Commercial Agency and Distribution in the JORDAN are substantially different from European concepts of commercial representation and its various forms used in practice. The selection of the most advantageous structure for the distribution of goods and services can be vital for the future success of a European company in the Middle East.
Being familiar with all the implications involved, we can help to set up the most advantageous commercial representation and distribution structure.
The firm has experience in the area of cross-border franchising, including, soft drink, restaurant, and other service industries Contracts.
A significant part of the corporate and commercial practice is devoted to optimising the contractual relations between client firms and their partners in industry, trade, and finance. These may include suppliers, customers, landlords or tenants, trade partners, advertising agencies, leasing companies, consultants, or cooperation partners. Areas covered include drafting or reviewing contracts, preparing standard forms where appropriate, helping clients negotiate specific transactions, and assisting in the resolution of contractual disputes whenever they arise.

What Makes Us Different


Every client has his/her own different needs, and we provide specialized and general legal services to meet those diverse needs of our clientele.

Five Decades of Excellence

Excellence as a one-off is not excellence - it is a happy accident.
Marwan Al-Hussein & Sons Law Office is dedicated in providing premium, sophisticated, but yet affordable services since 1966.

Customer Relationship

A strong lawyer-client relationship is the key to success in every legal matter. Our lawyers are actively involved at every stage of the case and work as a team to build solid business partnerships with our clients.

Collaborative Approach

We developed our unique professional and service-oriented culture which helped in improving value to our clients. We believe collaboration should lead to smarter outcomes, not higher fees.

Corporate Acquisition

We advise on all aspects of corporate acquisitions such as asset deals, share deals, and all other forms of corporate acquisition, including a thorough legal investigation of the target company, the development of cost efficient transaction structures, and the negotiation, implementation and documentation of the transaction itself.
Marwan Al-Hussein & Sons Law Office is one of the leading local firms in this area as the lawyers of the firm have a deep understanding of the dynamics at work within the corporate and banking community In JORDAN.

Corporate Establishment

We assist our clients in the development and implementation of the most efficient structures for corporate set-ups with domestic and international counterparts. Due regard is given not only to legal optimization and the operational practicability of the venture but also to the social and cultural particularities of multinational corporate set-ups in JORDAN.

Corporate Restructuring

Advises on corporate restructuring that is necessary or desirable for a company for either operational, financing, estate planning, risk management or cost efficiency purposes, is also one of our practicum.

Investment Projects

Assisting our clients in the formation of corporations and partnerships between local and foreign partners as well as of branches or representative offices and free zone establishments (e.g. Aqaba Special Commercial Zone, Queen Alia International Airport Free Zone, Prince Hassan Industrial Free Zone, Zarqa Free Zone and many other free zones in Jordan, advises on the regulatory and registration requirements, and handles all legal aspects of setting up the appropriate corporate structure. Assistance is given in particular in formulating the most advantageous structure for the clients' domestic and international ventures, taking into consideration labor regulations as well as the important economic factors. The firm provides an ongoing advisory service to both partners and management, covering all legal aspects of the day-to-day operation of the investment.

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Industrial & Intellectual Property

To address the increasingly diverse needs of corporate domestic and international clients in protecting and exploiting intangible assets, we have developed expertise in dealing with all legal aspects of industrial and intellectual property.
The work for clients ranges from the enforcement of industrial and intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names and know-how, to the structuring and negotiating of complex transactions embracing a great variety of industrial and intellectual property. Such transactions may involve franchises, technology transfer and licensing, distribution arrangements, and joint ventures.
The firm also advises and represents clients in unfair competition matters, such as labeling, counterfeiting and advertising, and deals with the criminal aspects of these issues. We offer our services in this field to many different industrial sectors such as computers, software, media, advertising agencies, airlines, and consumer goods.

Tax Law

In recent years, JORDAN has signed a number of 'double taxation treaties'.
We offer tax-consulting services concerning these double taxation treaties between JORDAN and major foreign high-tax countries, long-term tax planning will often help to optimize corporate cross-border investments.

International Trade & Commerce

We also have considerable expertise advising national and multinational companies on the implications of international commercial law on their international business strategies. The firm is also able to provide sound advice on WTO, FTA and other international trade agreements.

Shipping Law

The firm assists its clients in all aspects of Maritime Law, including cargo claims, contracts of carriage, arrest and attachment of vessels, freight, demurrage, maritime casualties, shipbuilding and repair contract negotiation and litigation, maritime liens, and maritime personal injury. The approach of its experienced and knowledgeable advocates and legal consultants is to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation by thoughtful and careful drafting; if litigation is not avoidable, we defends the interests of its clients by all legal means.

The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence.

Abraham Lincoln

Legal Services

Official Translation

Marwan Al-Hussein & Sons Law Office possesses the experience necessary to meet the needs of doing business internationally. We can provide translation services for just about anything imaginable, as well as project analysis and even interpreters.
We believe that translators take great care to preserve the meaning of the original, yet we always try to ensure that the translation isOfficial Translation idiomatically correct and accommodates cultural subtleties. In order to achieve that, all our translators are fully bi- or multilingual, highly skilled, experienced in language-related work and have tertiary qualifications and career expertise in a wide range of subject fields.

Loss Adjusting

Whether the shipments are made by vessel, barge, air, truck, rail, etc., and what ever your risk is, we are prepared to refer you to an extremely professional and reliable surveyors and loss adjusters who can provide you with a wide-range of services, which include but are not limited to the following:
Condition Surveys, Complete claims administration, Custom reporting, Claims Adjusting Online, Reporting/Tracking-Damage Surveys, Loading and Discharge Surveys, Loss Analysis, Subrogation

Insurance Consulting

In Marwan Al-Hussein & Sons Law Office we always try to use our expertise and our networks to identify our clients’ needs, once we achieve that goal, we will find the right solution at the right price. Nevertheless, we always try to look to take things one stage further, finding and delivering new and innovative ways to help drive success, often in ways which take us far beyond the traditional parameters of risk management.
Therefore we are committed to serving our clients, on any scale, anywhere, anytime with precisely the service they need, whether that means efficient and cost-effective placing or leading-edge, client-focused consulting.
In order to so we believe that we always should try to understand our clients' needs and therefore follow up with all the technical developments in order to enabled us to make sure that we refer our clients to best insurance company our intermediates so as they can always get the best coverage with the lowest premium.
Based on all the above, whatever the nature of the challenge our clients face, and whether it is Life or Non – Life coverage, we will always make sure that we will refer them to a team who will be able to meet that challenge, in which they can combine the skills our clients need and applying that on their behalf, and deliver such total capability through a each and every single point of contact.

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